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SME 2018


Submission Rules and Conditions: Applicable for all Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)

All SMEs in Oman, that are registered with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) are eligible to submit to this segment of the HM Award.

  • Service should target citizens or the private sector provided through an ICT channel.
  • Submissions must contribute to capacity building within Oman and/or contribute to improvement and/or innovation in services.
  • HM Award winning submissions from the previous cycle of 2016 are not eligible to participate in the 2018 cycle unless it demonstrates strong justification for the project participation.
  • The submission must have been operational (i.e. available for use by its target group of users) for a minimum of six months on the deadline date for submissions
  • A given submission cannot be entered for more than one category.
  • A given project has a limit of three attachments with each file not exceeding 4MB. Most common file formats are allowed with the exception of Zip files.