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Best Private Sector eService


Awarded to the eServices offered from the private sector for individuals or businesses through different channels that facilitate easy service delivery with high level of speed and transparency.

Nomination Form Criteria
Service Purpose and Context
  • Describe the service, highlighting the main features and its value to users as well as the ability to solve a problem that deals with Public Service with high level of impact on society. (Max 200 words)
  • Describe the rationale behind the service and its contribution to the eOman strategy as well as to Oman’s overall development strategies. (Max 300 words)
Service Organization and Implementation
  • List the organization/s or departments/s involved in providing the service and describe their roles and relationships .(Max 200 words)
  • Describe the main awareness / marketing activities undertaken to enhance service take-up and satisfaction. (Max 200 words)
Technology Design Features (Weight: 25)
  • Describe the main service features, illustrating its technological aspects and how these are deployed, including access, user friendliness, navigation, etc. (provide precise URL links and/or screen shots of features you want to highlight).(Max 300 words)
  • Is the service using open data and/or producing open data? If yes, explain the type, source, use and impact. If no, explain why this is not relevant or if they are in the future plans.(Max 200 words)
  • Highlight the main technology innovative features of the service, including scalability and other important issues (Max 300 words)
Service Design Features
  • List the channels through which the service is offered to the service users and how they are designed to be used. (Max 200 words)
  • Describe user support facilities (e.g. help desks, special features, etc.) .(Max 200 words)
  • Describe the methods used to obtain customer feedback .(200 words)
Service Outcomes

Describe the achieved impacts and return of investment of the service on the users, service provider & society, briefly explaining how this has been achieved, by providing credible evidence where possible.(300 words)

Service Sustainability

Explain how sustainable the service is into the future (for example are financial, organizational, human resource and political factors in place?). (Max 200 words)