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HE. Bill Clinton

I want to say that I am immensely impressed by the astonishing progress made by your government and...More

HE. Bill Clinton, Former President of the USA

Dr. Ali Masoud Al Sunaidy

“The winning of this prestigious award by any organization is evidence of the advancement of...More

Dr. Ali Masoud Al Sunaidy, Ex-Chairman of the Information Technology Authority (ITA)

Jeremy Millard

I have followed up the progress of this Award over the last three years following its inception,...More

Jeremy Millard, Senior Consultant, Danish Technological Institute

Suleiman Saif Al Kindi

In addition to what has been already achieved, being a laureate of the Sultan Qaboos Award for...More

Suleiman Saif Al Kindi, Director General of IT, Ministry of Education

Fatma Al Riyami,

The assessment is a critical phase before the evaluation process by the jury. The ultimate purpose...More

Fatma Al Riyami,, Ex-Director of Operation Excellence at ITA

Dr. Tomasz Janowski

The projects that have been submitted for the Award are sophisticated and of high quality. I noted...More

Dr. Tomasz Janowski, Senior Research Fellow, United Nations University

Mohammed Yahya Al-Salmi

“The participation of the private sector will help to upgrade and develop the participating...More

Mohammed Yahya Al-Salmi , Senior Manager, Omantel

Hassan Abdulamir Sha

“I seize this opportunity to congratulate the Government on this wise initiative aimed to honor and...More

Hassan Abdulamir Sha'aban, Senior Manager, National Bank of Oman

Dr. Salim Al Ruzaiqi

“We have strived every year to add new features in terms of the applications used in the evaluation...More

Dr. Salim Al Ruzaiqi, CEO, Information Technology Authoroity of Oman

Vikas Kanago

I was impressed by the submissions from the private sector, which are being allocated separate...More

Vikas Kanago, Chairman – The Society for Promotion of e-Governance

Richard Kerby

“I see the UN Public Service Awards and Sultan Qaboos Award for Excellence in eGovernment are a way...More

Richard Kerby, Senior Inter Regional Adviser, Division of Public Administration and Development Management UNDESA

Paul Waller

“The new challenge for public administrations is now to embed the use of digital technologies in...More

Paul Waller, Research Fellow, Brunel Business School, UK

Andrew Fiddaman

“SMEs are major drivers of Innovation and employment. I am impressed to see how much progress has...More

Andrew Fiddaman, Executive Director, The Prince's Youth Business International

Louise Pulford

“Oman s future lies in kindling the innovative spirit of the youth. The initiatives of the Omani...More

Louise Pulford, Director, Social Innovation Exchange