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About the Award

Award Vision​

We have always emphasized the importance of learning and knowledge and we have always been open to the adoption of new developments. The field of Information technology and communication has now become the main element that moves the development process forward in this Third Millennium. Therefore, we have accorded our attention to finding a national strategy to develop the skills and abilities of citizens in this domain with the aim of further developing e-government services. We will now be striving to achieve the vision of HM by expanding our focus from outputs to outcomes and from projects to services. The dissemination of best practices adopted by Oman government agencies will now be undertaken at global levels.

Award Mission

The Award aspires to bring about both a qualitative and quantitative transformation in public-service delivery by honoring eGovernance/technology projects that have resulted in exceptional achievements in impacts and innovations by harnessing information technology coupled with governance process reengineering for delivery of electronic public services.

The Award invites entities to bolster the national information society by nurturing an interactive, proactive and reactive e-community in support of the e.oman vision and by strengthening ICT utilization for higher economic, social and cultural progress.

Award Objectives

  • Encourage local organizations to hasten in enhancing its performance and to facilitate the services by utilizing digital technology.
  • Motivate local organizations to implement the new digital projects and continued development of its electronic services. test
  • Improve the quality of local services and simplify its procedures to a level of quality and efficiency so as to ensure greater confidence and public contribution.
  • Acknowledge and reward excellence and innovation in the field of offering
  • Promote and activate the country's policy to move to an economy based on information technology to achieve both economic and social benefits for the Omani community under the policy of economic diversification and sustainable development.
  • Develop Frameworks and standards to measure progress in the implementation of electronic projects consistent with the highest international standards.
  • Encourage brilliant and innovative ideas in the digital field.​

Award Implementation

Award Frequency

The Awards established in 2010 shall be held every 2 years, seeking to accomplish e.oman vision and sustain continuity of development and promotion of national services and projects competency.

Award Management

The National award will be established and managed under Information Technology Authority (ITA) patronage.


The award trophy is made of pure silver with a gold-plated 'E' letter. The trophy is handmade and stamped with the jewelry maker's mark, and is anchored on a mahogany wood base with the winner's name attached on a silver plate.

HM Award Logo

Brand Identity

This award comes as a translation of what His Majesty confirmed in his speech, during the annual meeting of the Council of Oman in 2008 on the use of ICT, which has become the main mover to development in the Third Millennium. The attention given by His Majesty to create a national strategy to develop the knowledge of citizens and their skills in dealing with information technology is a call for all government institutions to accelerate the enhancement of its services by digital technology.

Contestants' Eligibility

  • All entities, organizations or SMEs making a submission must accept the rules, guidelines and competition criteria governing the HM Award.
  • Projects that have not met the requirements or submitted after the closing date of registration, not conforming to the eligibility criteria, will be disqualified without any further notice. There is no possible legal recourse against such decisions.
  • All contents submitted will become ITA property and will not be returned. One copy of each submitted project will be archived for the record. No commercial or inappropriate use of this archive will be made.
  • Registration and entry of a submission to the HM Award in no way entitles it to any specific benefits. There is no possible legal recourse against ITA.
  • Submitters are responsible for the proper and adequate submissions during the eligibility phase and assessment by the Jury. In case a submission does not meet this criterion, it will be removed from the Award without notice.
  • The Award is not obliged to accept all submissions or not responsible for the contents of the submissions or their rights.
  • Submission must be relevant to the selected category of the award, as assessment is based on different criteria as per each category.
  • All questions require written answers in English up to the maximum word limit specified. If you exceed the word limit, the jury will use their discretion regarding the relevance of the excess text and will possibly ignore it when awarding scores.
  • All answers to questions should provide good evidence to support any claims made, either in the answer itself or in one or more of the attachments/links provided.
  • If you do not answer a question, if you only enter "yes/no" or write "not applicable", or similar, you will receive a zero score for the question. If "yes/no", "not applicable", or similar are relevant, you must fully explain the reason for this answer in order to score.
  • All submissions can provide supporting material and evidence in the form of a maximum of three attachments and/or three working links (this excludes the link to the main service or website of the submission). Note that attachments or links will not be accessed by the jury unless they are specifically referred to in the text of the main submission, which should also make it clear why they should be consulted with specific reference to the relevant part. Attachments or links can be in one or more of the following formats (the jury will use their discretion concerning relevance if there is any deviation from the following, so you are advised to stick as closely as possible to it and make it easy for the jury to understand the material presented):
    • Word documents (max 20 pages, including any images, tables, data, etc.)
    • Excel spreadsheets (which must be easy to read, i.e. all columns must be readable on a single screen without horizontal scrolling and have a maximum of 50 rows)
    • PowerPoint presentation (max 12 slides)
    • Screen recording or video clip with a maximum of 3 minutes in total duration.
  • The submission's language(s) of interface must be appropriate to the target group of users.
  • Where a submission requires a password or other verification to access, submitters should provide at least one of the following for jury assessment purposes. Where one of the following is not provided, jury assessment will be purely based on the answers to the questions and any attachments:
    • Dummy accounts with all necessary user names and passwords
    • Screenshots showing the use and outcome of the service (maximum of twenty screenshots)
    • Self-running demonstrations or test applications.

Award Statistics

Government Entities Registered332326272826
CategoryProjects RegisteredProjects RegisteredProjects RegisteredProjects RegisteredProjects RegisteredProjects Registered
Best eContent218149--
Best eService(G2G)7271--
Best eService(G2B) / eService Supporting doing Business9356108
Best eService(G2C)129610109
Best eService(G2E)*-55810-
Best Mobile Services*-323--
Best Mobile Services (G2C)*----5-
Best Mobile Services ( G2E)*----1-
Best Individual / interoperable eProject*18655--
Best Collaborative eProject / Whole of Government-11159
Best eEconomy*422---
Best eReadiness*12531--
Best Practice in Community e-Participation----35
Best e-Transformation Achievement----66
Best Government Application for Smart Devices-----4
Best Open Data Initiative-----6
Private Entities Registered--4778
CategoryProjects RegisteredProjects RegisteredProjects RegisteredProjects RegisteredProjects RegisteredProjects Registered
Best Public eServices--2255
Best Public Mobile Services*--336-
Best Private Sector Application for Smart Devices-----4
SME's Entities Registered---538
CategoryProjects RegisteredProjects RegisteredProjects RegisteredProjects RegisteredProjects RegisteredProjects Registered
Best ICT eSolution / SME eService *---43-
Best Public Mobile Services---1--
Best SME e-Service-----8